Can I keep my identity confidential on Elanic?Top

Yes, your identity remains confidential on our app. Whatever name you choose to give your account, other users will be able to view only that. They will not know your real name or identity if it is not revealed by you. However, we don't allow anonymous posting on our platform. You have to verify your phone number and identiy (via facebook) before you can start transacting on Elanic. This information is completely private and is never shared publically.

I transact a lot on Elanic. Is my money safe?Top

Your money and bank details are protected by us. We do not share your bank account details with anybody. Feel free to pay online or use our Cash on Delivery service for payment for your orders. All money you earn on Elanic can be cashed out directly to your Bank at any point of time.

I give my products without the money. What's the guarantee?Top

We assure you that your money and your product is protected by us. Once your product reaches the Buyer and the sale is considered final, your money will be transferred to your Elanic account within 3-6 working days. If the Buyer rejects your product, it is our responsibility to ensure that your product reaches you in good condition. If your product gets lost during transit, we will bear the charges for it as well (upto a maximum of Rs. 5000). If the product gets damaged, we will raise the issue with the logistics company and their decision will be final.

Is my contact information protected?Top

Yes. The contact information provided by you on the app, such as mobile number, address, email id and other details are kept private and confidential. We share it only with our logistics partners, who are instructed not to contact you once the pickup or delivery is done.

Another user is asking for my number. What should I do?Top

To ensure the safety of all the users on our app, we request our users to refrain from sharing contact details or meeting with strangers. Our transaction is designed in such way that there is no direct interaction between users, hence it would be advisable not to share details or meet with users who you do not know personally.

The delivery/pickup guy contacts me even after his work is done. What should I do?Top

We respect all forms of privacy of our users and hence our logistic partners have strict communication protocols with our customers. If you are getting any form of communication, i.e. Texts, Whatsapp or Phone calls from our partners staff, please get in touch with us and we will pursue this matter seriously with the said logistics providor.

Is all my content public on the app?Top

Yes, everything you post on Elanic, such as the pictures, your profile, your comments is public. Everybody who uses Elanic will be able to see what you post.