I want to know more details about the product.Top

You can ask for additional details about the product like additional photos, size, brand tags, color, place of purchase, condition, etc. by leaving a comment on the product page.

For price negotiations, it is recommended to use "Make an Offer" instead of leaving public comments. (For Android Users Only)

I want to ask for a better price. (For Android Users Only)Top

You can negotiate with the Seller by making them offers1 on the product page.

  1. Tap on "Make an Offer" button on the product page.
    Make an Offer
  2. Feed in the price you want to pay for the product and send.
    Offer Price
  3. Wait for Seller to respond to your offer. Meanwhile, you can also send them messages to convince them. Seller has 24 hours to act on the offer. All offers expire in 24 hours.
    Wait for Seller
  4. Once the Seller accepts the offer you will get a notification on your phone. You can buy the product at the agreed price from within the chat by tapping on "Buy Now"
    Accepted offer
  5. Fill in your address details and payment method to confirm the order.
Note: A Seller can also make you a counter offer as per the ongoing chat. You can directly purchase the product from the counter offer via the same "Buy Now" button.

Does Elanic deliver in my city?Top

We deliver to 19000 pin codes and pickup from 5000 pincodes all over India.

What payment methods does Elanic accept?Top

You can pay online, through Paytm. We do not currently have the option of paying through NEFT transfer. We offer the flexible option of COD (Cash on Delivery)

COD Option is not available for all Delivery PIN codes

I just bought something, how do I track it?Top

It is very easy to track your order on the Elanic app. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the "menu" option located on the left top hand side on the app
  2. Tap on "Track Orders"
  3. Under each order you will find a line of seven dots, each indicating a different step of your order.
  4. As each step is completed, the dot turns orange, indicating success.

To give you a better understanding. here is the detailed explanation of the process as it occurs.

  1. Once the Buyer finalises a product and places an order for it, the process is initiated.
  2. Our team then gets in touch with the Seller and organises a pick up.
  3. The product is picked up and brought to Elanic headquarters for inspection.
  4. To ensure that the quality of the product is on par with the description, our team thoroughly inspects it for any kind of damage, including cuts, breakages, tears, stains and more
  5. Once the product passes our inspection and is deemed to be in good shape, it is neatly packed and kept ready to be sent out to the Buyer.
  6. After packaging, the product is shipped out to the Buyer
  7. Once the Buyer receives the product, they have 3 days to return it. The Buyer then inspects the product and upon finding it satisfactory, the payment is made to the Seller.

Please note: In case of direct shipment, the product is picked up from you and shipped directly to the buyer. It may take up to 3-6 working days for the payment to be made to the Seller after the order has been completed

I want to cancel my order.Top

Though an order has already been placed, you could still cancel it.

  1. Click on the menu icon on the top left hand corner of the app and then click on "Track Order".
  2. Once the order page opens, you can click on "Cancel Order" to cancel it.
  3. Please keep in mind that cancellation is possible only until the second step of the order. That is, you can cancel it only if the product has not been picked by us. However, if the product is already with us, cancellation would not be possible.

I want to return my order.Top

We offer hassle free returns for our users. Once the product is delivered to your doorstep, you will have three days to return the item. If you find that the product is damaged or does not match the description provided by the Seller, you have the option to return it.

Here are the steps to request a return1

  1. Go to your home page and click on "Track Orders".
  2. Below your order, you will find a "Return" option. Select it.
  3. Add in the reason why you would wish to return it.
  4. We will then schedule a pick up of the product from your doorstep.
  5. Once we receive the returned product, it undergoes an inspection process
  6. Once the product is verified, we process the refund to Elanic Credits2

1Return requests are only allowed within three days of delivery of your order. 2You can use Elanic credits to shop for more products or cash out to your bank. Read Returns Policy for more information

Can I change the delivery address after placing the order?Top

No, you can't change your address after placing order. You have to cancel the order and place it again. In case you want to update any information or change your contact details, you can email us at reach@elanic.in for help.

My tracking information isn't updated. Is everything ok?Top

It is possible your tracking information isn’t updating because the package missed a tracking scan. In most cases, the item is still in transit to the destination, and final delivery is unaffected. If you feel the item has been lost or misplaced, please contact us with the details of your order and we will update you on the status.

Is there a warranty on products?Top

No, there is not. Since you are buying pre-owned products and not buying directly from the brand or a showroom, warranty is not assured. In some cases, Sellers may still pass on the warranty to you if they have it.

I spotted a conterfeit product, what should I do?Top

Our aim is to promote a safe and secure marketplace for our users. Our policy strictly prohibits the sale of products described as “inspired,” or “fake.” We accept nothing but original products. If you suspect that a product is a fake or imitated one or is shown on our List of Prohibited Items, please inform us immediately by getting in touch with our customer executives. Our team will then carefully investigate the situation and make a decision. We reserve the right to delete stolen or counterfeit items without notice and may suspend any accounts associated with these listings.

How can I save a product for later?Top

To save a product for later, all you need to do is like it by tapping on the star icon on the product screen. Once you like it, it automatically gets saved. To access it later, open the settings menu on the top left hand side of the app and click on "Liked Products". If you wish to remove it from the "Liked products" list, just tap the same star icon on the product page.