What is Elanic?Top

If you have things lying at home that are in good condition but unused, be it clothes or home decor or even cosmetics, then Elanic is the place for you. A lot of professional sellers are also selling brand new products on Elanic. We have thousands of users who login to Elanic everyday to check out products being sold. What’s more? Selling on Elanic is completely hassle-free. After the item is sold, we will pickup the item, inspect it and ship it to the Buyer while handling payments.

How to use Elanic to sell?Top

Listing your products on Elanic is completely free of cost. All you need to do is click a neat picture of the product you wish to sell, key in the important details like brand, colour, price and description and just upload it on the app for others to view it.

Once someone buys your product, you will be notified. All we take is 10% commission and a pickup charge, the rest of the money is yours. Once our pickup agents get in touch with you, just schedule a pickup time and wait for them to collect your package. Once the item has been picked up, we get it to our warehouse, inspect it and send it to the buyer. In case of direct shipment, we will pick up the product from you and ship it directly to the seller. Three days after we deliver your product to the buyer, the sale is considered final and we will transfer the money to you.

How to use Elanic to buy?Top

We give you the chance to buy from a whole range of pre-owned & new products, in a very simplified manner. You can also purchase the best of brands at the most reasonable prices.

All you need to do is select the product you wish to buy and leave the rest to us. Be rest assured that your money is safe.

Our policy dictates that we withhold payment to the Seller for three days after the buyer receives the product. In these three days, you can inspect it to make sure that it matches the description. If it doesn't, you can give it back within three days, without losing any of your money.

Can I negotiate the price?Top

As a Buyer, you may try and negotiate but this strictly remains between the Buyer and Seller. Whether to reduce the prices or not is completely up to the Seller. We hold no role in negotiations, the price is determined and controlled by the Seller completely.