Elanic is India’s largest social marketplace where anyone can sell, buy and stay fashionable.

“Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.” – So style, save, live, and profit from staying fashionable!

Rich variety is our key. Elanic gives an opportunity to explore widely differentiated styles and unique products. We help the sellers connect with millions of buyers and vice versa.

Elanic is more than just shopping, it’s a community. With over one hundred thousand sellers and millions of shoppers, Elanic is the fastest growing community where like-minded people come together to share their love of fashion.

Our USP:-

  • Rich and unique variety of products.
  • Great fashion at affordable prices.
  • Door to door delivery.


We're not dreamers, evangelists, rockstars or visionaries. We are a bunch of hard working folks who love working for fun and having fun while working.
clothes are to hide my nonexistent 6 pack abs
startup on our own so that you can wear shorts to work
i shop very little. i only go shopping when i'm sad, angry, frust or happy