Traditionally Indians are hoarders - we keep our closets filled with items that have been used only once or twice and will probably not be used again. Elanic was created with the intention to help those hoarded products find a new home. We’re doing this by enabling people to buy and sell in the simplest manner possible. Through Elanic, we intend to redefine the concept of recycled fashion. In families, often, clothes and jewellery are passed down generations and also shared among siblings. We want to build a community where sharing brings as much joy and love as it does in a family. We’re changing the way people approach buying and selling in this country and are looking for motivated individuals to join us in our journey.

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Workplace is defined by your mind, not your seat. Board meetings happen on open channels on Slack. There's kachori and momos every evening. Amma makes a bit too sweet chai. Founders make coffee for interns and we all wash our own dishes. So yeah, we're cultured. Mostly.


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