There was once a little black dress. She used to occupy the prized spot in the window display of her store. So dazzling was she that countless women stepped into the store mesmerised by her allure. One day, she was taken off the mannequin and whisked away to someone's closet. The next day, she made her first public appearance. Every other dress at the party was envious of her beauty and she revelled in her glory. She could not wait for her next outing. But the next time never came. Months passed, and every time the girl opened the closet, the little black dress hoped in vain that she would be picked again. Stuck in the back of the dark closet, the dress became sad and dejected, and hoped someone would rescue her.It was to address the plight of sad, beautiful dresses like these that Elanic was created. We want to rescue your barely worn clothes.

Don't you want to pitch in too?


We're not dreamers, evangelists, rockstars or visionaries. We are a bunch of hard working folks who love working for fun and having fun while working.
clothes are to hide my nonexistent 6 pack abs
startup on our own so that you can wear shorts to work
i shop very little. i only go shopping when i'm sad, angry, frust or happy